Motorcycle Essentials

Lids Direct is the UK’s number one provider of motorcycle equipment and clothing. It is our aim to provide everything that you need to be safe and look good on the road.

Our range of motorcycle essentials means you can use your bike for a variety of tasks and in all conditions. Heated grips are great for cold weather conditions. They will help keep your hands warm and you in control of your bike right through the year.

Other motorcycle essentials will give you a range of practical uses for your bike that might otherwise prove tricky. We have a range of straps and harnesses that will help you transport your bike on a trailer without damaging your paintwork. It means you can take your bike to get modified or repaired ¬– or along with your car when you are planning a tour – with minimal hassle.

We also have motorcycle essentials designed to keep your bike in excellent and road worthy condition. Colour refresher and touch up pens will help you maintain the paintwork of your bike. Chips to your paintwork are inevitable, but by acting quickly with these remedial tools you prevent exposure of metalwork to the elements, reducing the risk of corrosion and rusting.

Take a look at any one of the products in our motorcycle accessories section to find out what benefits they can bring to you and your bike. We are committed to providing these at the very best prices, so you can stay safe and look after your bike for less.